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Chiro2YourDoor is a mobile chiropractic service offered by Silky Oak Chiropractic in Carindale, Brisbane.

Jan Jones

Jan Jones

Home Visit Chiropractor

I’m Dr. Jan Jones, a Home Visit Chiropractor.

If you hate being stuck in traffic and sitting in a waiting room all for a short appointment, that’s why I created my Home Visit Service. I come to you to provide longer appointments, meaning more face-time with me without the hassle.

With over 15 years of experience you are in safe hands. These days you can have a GP visit you at home, so why not also a Chiropractor?

Chiro2YourDoor is a mobile chiropractic service offered by Silky Oak Chiropractic in Carindale. If you prefer a more conventional, in office appointment you can book through Silky Oak Chiropractic.

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I come to you in the comfort of your own home or office without disruptions to your normal day. Families, busy professionals and athletes can all benefit from care.


My appointments are 3x longer than a regular chiropractic appointment, increasing the value and quality of your care.


No wasted time being stuck in traffic or sitting in a waiting room…now that’s convenience!


Initial Appointment: $120
– Includes Consultation, Exam and Treatment on the day.
– Travel fee not included

Standard Appointment: $80
– Travel fee not included

Group Deal
– there is a sliding scale for a group of people
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Corporate Rates
– to be discussed, depends on number of people.
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Travel Fee:

– Zone 1 – $0 – up to 15min travel from Silky Oak Chiropractic
– Zone 2 – $30 – 15 to 30min travel from Silky Oak Chiropractic
– beyond Zone 2 – to be discussed

The area I service has been divided into 2 Zones.

Zone 1 usually has no travel fee. If there is peak hour traffic and the travel time is dramatically extended a travel fee may still apply.

Zone 1 – Orange (within 15 min travel from Carindale Westfield)

Zone 2 – Green (15 to 30 min travel from Silky Oak Chiropractic in Carindale)

For zone 2 there is a travel fee of $30 added to the cost.   This only applies when only one person books at a location. If two or more book, the travel fee falls away.

If you are outside Zone 2, please contact me and we can work something out from there.

Any parking fees will be added to the invoice.

Service Area Zones – Zone 1 Orange, Zone 2 Green.

Easy on-line booking or call / txt